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Ahahahahaha [14th.Feb.2008|08:38 pm]
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I just got my Valentine's Day card e-mail, and it is, in fact AMAAAAAZING and fabulous.

FIRST OF ALL, I challenge you not to TOTALLY SQUEAL (very quietly, because the kids are asleep) when you hear your Googlemail notifier go *pop* and you click on your Gmail link and see, in your inbox, in bold:

Dr. Rodney McKay.

And then! And then I clicked on the link (cackling like a loon, true story), to find this perfect, perfect letter:


Look, we both know I'm very very important and I can't actually be
expected to remember things. Like Valentine's Day. Did you know
Canadians are above Valentine's Day and we don't celebrate it and so
it's not like I had those crass reminders all over stores to remind me
that it was approaching.

No? Well, okay, I made that up, but that's besides the point. I had
plans, I had grand plans. I bought treats, and more treats, and even
let Madison buy some pink and red things. And, yet somehow, the days
just slipped me by. And I don't think Canada->Colorado->secret place
that you are mail can be sent back in time. Well, actually, I bet it
can. But I'm not going to waste my intellect on something as useless
as the postal service. What, like it takes a lot of brain power to
carry large sacks of mail! Ha - and what are you barbaric Americans
thinking with your ZIP code system? Add some letters in there and get
rid of all those extra digits.

So, okay. I still made it by February 14th, right? Or at least, I
mean, I know that you're not "in the same timezone" as me, but it's
still February 14th here. And I think that should count. The mail
system will get your letter there, eventually, but in the meantime,
you have... well, I'm not really sure what you have. I have no idea
why you said I had to send you something for Valentine's Day. I mean,
it's not like we're - oh.

Oh. Yeah? Okay.

- Dr. Rodney McKay

I hate your refusal to use my encryption program. Or even PGP. Who
uses email without PGP?!?! It's your own fault if this gets
intercepted and you get kicked out the Air Force. It would serve you

Oh my GOD. Rodney, you are so, so so forgiven. I know you've been busy, it's true! What with the saving the universe on a weekly basis, giving me John sweet, sweet lovin', looking super-duper hot, etc. Happy Valentine's Day to my favorite scientist, and thank you thank you THANK YOU. *clutches*


A few minutes later, a new e-mail appeared in my inbox! And this one was from John Sheppard to Rodney McKay. It said:

Yeah, Rodney. Yeah.

Oh, Sheppard, you silver-tongued bastard. It's a good think you know how to do that OTHER thing with your tongue. All is forgiven! Let's make mad, passionate love while the puddlejumper's on autopilot, eh?

In conclusion:

*heart heart heart*


From: [info]rane_ab
2008-02-18 08:25 pm (UTC)


Oh my God, that is briliant. *falls over laughing*