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Cross-posting (still don't trust LJ!): Weather bitchery [22nd.Feb.2008|06:36 pm]
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There was a news report on yesterday night, about a bus accident that happened a year ago in April (there was a hearing this week about it). And they were showing old footage of it, this bus and a couple of bashed-up cars in an intersection, bright sunny day, vivid green lawn of a bank sloping up from the street and the bank's digital time-and-temperature clock blinking away. So I'm looking, and thinking, Oh, that's so sad, I wonder if anyone was hurt or killed (I had the sound muted), and then I noticed that the bank's clock said "68 F" and all I could think was ooooooh, 68 degrees. It was warm. Which, I realize is sick and self-centered but OH MY HOLY FUCK I AM TIRED OF COLD.

*looks outside* Today's appropriate weather quote is

Earth stood hard as iron, water like a stone.

This is NOT THE BLEAK MIDWINTER. This is Kansas in February and I would like a fucking BREAK. Yesterday it was sunny and beautiful... with windchills between -6 and 9 degrees. GREAT.

February has it ALL OVER April as far as that cruelest month thing goes. I'm so done with winter. As my friend C says, "I'm all set on that."


*scowls at thin, stinging snowflakes*

I'm fine, I just felt like bitching about the weather. :-)

[User Picture]From: [info]msilverstar
2008-02-24 08:14 am (UTC)


Kansas is supposed to be cold in February :-( Thin, stinging snowflakes, though, seem like adding insult to injury.
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