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SGA! [29th.Feb.2008|10:20 pm]
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ZOMG! So, that was awesome! Last week I was sooooo irritated by the whole "YOU'LL NEVER GUESS WHAT HAPPENS IN THE LAST FIVE MINUTES, HERE LET US SHOW YOU:" that it really put a sour taste in my mouth for the whole episode (which actually had many things of the yay, really, like CONTINUITY and stuff).

This week I had no sour taste in my mouth just OH MY GOD YAYness, and it was of the win.

Teyla = fantastic, oohhhhh, I love her so much. *scrunchy face of Teyla love* I'm kinda creeped out by the baby-corruption-stuff, but in general, it's all good.

Michael = OH MAN. I'm torn between wanting to rule the universe beside him as his evil queen and wanting to... wait, nope, not torn. I love him HE IS SO CREEPY AND AWESOME. Yum, Connor Trineer, come be creepy and awesome RIGHT OVER HERE MKAY?

John = Oh! Oh his face. Really, John was not the center of this episode, but his awesomeness shone through anyway, in, like, a hundred small things - I just loved him so much, even in the background, and then of course when we did focus on him, he was perfection. ("Just another day in outer space." Whee!)

Carson = Oh Carson. This is why I STILL HAVE NOT WATCHED Sunday all the way through. I cried like a child at the end. I always liked Carson, even when he irritated me and did morally reprehensible things. I loved him a lot, here. Oh, and when Rodney had to tell him that Elizabeth is gone, oh, oh, Carson's face, his body language - beautifully done. He looked liked he'd gotten a blow.

Keller = Really fabulous in what MUST have been an extremely weird set of circumstances. She was professional and still maintained a certain sense of perky-ness that was very... her. I liked it.

Ronon = Marvelous, and his hug at the end DID ME IN. Oh, Ronon. We were all afraid of it, honey. *huggggs*

Sam = Good work here. A weird situation for her, too, and she made good choices. Mostly she just stood around looking concerned, but she did that pretty damned well.

Halling: Bravo. Also, rawr. I like the shave-and-a-haircut look on you. Call me, Halling.

Rodney: Dude, had to save the best for last. Because oh, Rodney, you were so awesome throughout this whole episode. His face, his body language, all the small subtleties of how happy he was to see Carson, how sad he was to see Carson, his caution and his hope, his protective gestures (and oh baby, work that P-90, Rodney was a total goddamn action hero tonight, wasn't he??) and oh god, his mouth, the tight, worried line of his lips, his crooked anxious expressions, his eyes - Jesus. David Hewlett, how are you so awesome? A question for the ages.

Other thoughts:

Team: Carson did well when he was out with the others, but his very presence was a jarring reminder of Teyla's absence. I don't know if that was on purpose, but it was vivid and I really liked it (in the way that I really disliked it).

When John and Rodney are talking to Sam about Carson, you can see John's worry about Rodney's willingness to trust Carson. He keeps throwing these sort of harried, worried looks at him as Rodney talks. He doesn't want Rodney to be disappointed, but he doesn't want to hurt his feelings, either! It's so... sweet.

In general, I was super-duper happy with this episode. *hearts*

From: [info]watersword
2008-03-01 06:42 pm (UTC)


::agrees so much:: Oh, SHOW.
[User Picture]From: [info]anatsuno
2008-03-01 10:33 pm (UTC)


*hearts Rodney SOMETHING FIERCE*

I'm with you re: Michael also. yupyup.