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My life is weird and good.[2nd.Mar.2008|05:56 pm]

You guys, I don't mean to brag, but - no, wait, I totally mean to brag! I got to meet somebody cool today.

Today the boys and I went to church early because I had choir practice. We were still a little late for that, though, oops. So we get out of the car and there's one other dude getting out of his car, pleasant-looking fellow with a grizzled beard and glasses and a nice smile, and as the boys took off to play on the lawn (the weather was still nice, just this morning, sigh), he and I walked up the steps to the church. He introduced himself, "Hi, I'm William Phillips, I'm Tom's brother, just here visiting, thought I'd come hear him sing," and I introduced myself, yadda yadda, we talked about the choir and singing and then he opened the door for me and we went in and I went off to sing and he sat down to read a book while the choir practiced.

Anyway, so, later his brother introduced him to the congregation and guys! He won the 1997 Nobel Prize in Physics! I feel all star-struck! I shook hands with a Nobel-prize winner! Eat your heart out, Rodney McKay. Hee!

Here's a picture of the good doctor. He's the one with the beard. *g*
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