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"So yadda yadda yadda, the whole relationship tanked."[17th.Mar.2008|10:17 am]

Oh LJ, why you gotta be such a dumbass?

My paid account over at LJ is set to expire in April, and I'd been sort of contemplating paying just a little, so as not to have to look at ads. You know? Because I still do most of my flist reading over there. But - *shrug* LJ is run by dumbasses, and they've reaffirmed my decision not to give them money ever again. I guess we'll see whether I can stand flist-reading over there once my paid account has given up the ghost. Too bad, so sad, LJ, you feckless fuckwits. ALSO, I have some smokin'-hot smut to post, and since I refuse to label stuff as "adult content" except in standard disclaimers, I won't be posting it there at all. (I'll post a link to it, though. Because the People Deserve Porn! And I like feedback. *g*)

La la la, what else? My life is very dull, for the most part.

Oh! I went to the "Claim your unfound money" website (Missing Money) and found out that I am very careless and apparently leave money lying around wherever I go, because I can claim quite a bit - nearly $500 altogether, which is good, since my computer is making a soft, worrying sound lately. Mr. Pi even has a little bit of money from an old job. So, I'm going on a hunt for all our old tax forms (to show proof of address), and whee! Free money! Searching for free stuff: highly recommended as a rainy day activity.

In Even! More! Boring! news (oh, you thought it was impossible), I'm getting my hair cut this afternoon. It's driving me NUTS lately - too long, no shape, etc. I'm trying a new stylist out, so wish me luck.

Okay, off to search for other people on the Missing Money site.
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