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Get that bitch off the runway![30th.Mar.2008|04:26 pm]

You guys, David Hewlett just posted about (a) his elliptical machine, (b) his ambition to learn lines while using it and (c) his ACTUAL form of entertainment while puffing and wheezing along: watching America's Next Top Model. Ahahahaha oh man, could I be more amused by him? I THINK NOT. He is also just adorable about his wedding (at a castle! in England! heeeee) and his kid and his fiancee and oh be still my heart - he's just so damn cute.

(Also it is wrong and bad but I'm quite turned on by the thought of a sweaty David Hewlett using the elliptical machine. In fact I've written most of a fic in which Rodney McKay does just that, causing great appreciation in a certain hot-ass airforce LTC. I'll give you a hint: it's not Sam. *g*)
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