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No more pop-tarts for breakfast, woe. [10th.Apr.2008|09:55 pm]
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Thank you all for your excellent advice about my icky eye situation. I did apply moist heat, and I did go see the doctor. Two things happened there (well, lots of things, really, but two I am going to TALK ABOUT), , and one of them was that the doctor use a sterile needle to lance the stye, which I found so hideously panic-attack-inducing that I'm all done talking about it now. *shudders* But he was very nice about it, and efficient and deft, and my eye does feel much better, although the eyelid is still quite red and slightly heavy. However, I got eyedrops and yadda yadda and it feels sooooo much better. So - that's that.

Of course they weighed me at the doctor's office, and probably the reason I didn't react with more screaming hysteria about the whole stye-treatment thing was that I was too busy thinking OH MY GOD IF I WEIGHED TEN POUNDS MORE I'D BE EIGHT MONTHS PREGNANT. Which is no lie, folks: my weight today was exactly 10 pounds under what it was when I was eight months pregnant, and I have to lose some weight. So, I went back to work, and after work went along with a workmate to a local Weight Watchers meeting. I've done WW before with success (I dug out my lifetime membership card today), so I know it can work.

I have no plans to post obsessively about it here, but I don't promise not to post about it at all, either. And I'm not one of those thoughtful people who asks if you want to be on this filter or that filter and such; this is the only journal I post to (this and LJ are essentially the same journal), and I only filter for emotional reasons - there's some stuff that's sensitive, for me, and I don't post that to an open flist. But otherwise I pretty much blurt everything here. So, the diet info comes along with the porn. Conversely, of course, I don't mind what people post on their LJs, either, whether it's delicious McKay/Sheppard smut or recipes for beets - I can scroll by, and do, without noticing even enough to feel irritated. (That whole "how much is too much, how little is too little" kerfuffle on the McShep comm? I swear to god, I didn't notice it. Not at all while it was happening, and only peripherally when all the dust was kicking up, afterward. I'm just that oblivious.) And I'm totally not offended when people scroll by my entries, either. It's okay!

I do apologize for being so behind on replying to comments. I haven't been able to check my LJ at all while I've been at work this week - it's registration time at my little college, which means CRAZINESS. And a new computer system on top of that, which is buggy as hell, so - work surfing is out. But that's not a great excuse, and I know it. I'm sorry, and I will try to catch up again soon.

Wow, that turned out to be a long way to say: WATCH OUT! I may occasionally post about my newfound need to watch what I eat! lol. I don't honestly think I'll post about it all that much, because... it's not that interesting. Not even to me. BUT! I do think I may jump up and down a bit if things are going well. :-)

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