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A miss is as good as a molehill. [19th.Apr.2008|01:11 pm]
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Ahhh, I am completely captivated by the Random Proverb Generator. It combines two random quotes and presents such gems as

If you can't beat them, join a vacuum.

Nature abhors a cat.

Every dog has the man.

It takes two to make the cat.

(So true, and also there are a lot of proverbs about cats, dogs and pigs.)

Two heads are better than money.
(Dude, two heads ARE money: freak show, here I come!)

Actions speak louder than a king.

Nature abhors a quarrel.

(More or less than it abhors a cat?)

You scratch my back and I'll scratch Rome.

and finally,

Don't throw the baby out with love and war.

Seriously. I think I should create demotivators with these, or a poster of SOME kind, obviously, but the question of what art to use baffles me. :-)

From: [info]hermit9
2008-04-20 11:13 pm (UTC)


hahaha, I love that thing. I remember spending a ridiculous amt of time playing that once upon a molehill. :P
And making mock motivational posters is a lot of fun because it's pretty easy with photoshop or even one of those cheap online photo editors. Just a nice inspiring picture and a snarky line or two.