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I saw above me an endless skyway [25th.Apr.2008|01:29 pm]
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So, listen. I was reading Ceperanza's "MVP" (for, like, the millionth time, because someone recced it on Crack Van, and I looooooove it), and there's a part where Atlantis has to try and figure out how to help these two warring civilizations. It's a small bit of the story, but listen: they (Elizabeth, John, Rodney, Teyla) are arguing about how to help the people who are at a technical disadvantage. Basically the question is, arms race or relocation? Teyla suggests asking which the civilization would prefer. Turns out (to Rodney's surprise) they prefer relocation.

And all that made me think meta-ish thoughts which - I suck at meta. But SOMEONE (someone not me, someone who can string words together more coherently than I currently can) should write some meta - or better yet a STORY - that incorporates the vastly different ways people in the Pegasus galaxy must think of property, and how that appears to folks from Earth, and the conflicts, confusion and misunderstandings that could possibly arise. You know?

I mean: why would anyone in the Pegasus galaxy fight over land? EVER? (With one caveat, next paragraph.) The most basic reason we fight, the reason we go to war, is to control other people's land, because it has stuff we want on it. But in Pegasus, there's basically an enormous surplus of arable, fertile, comfortable land (comfortable-looking, at least, according to the set designers and location staff at SciFi), just waiting to welcome anyone who wanders through the stargates. There are uninhabited planets, and populations are low (due to the Wraith), so - why would you fight?

The exception, I would guess, would be land around stargates. Because that's valuable - the ability to leave. There need to be more episodes (or again, fic, because let's face it, TPTB aren't known for their sensitive explorations of social topics) in which we see the gates at the center of power struggles, the gates being controlled by a small oligarchy. (Sorry, "The Tower" doesn't cut it as sensitive social commentary. And I'm one of those weirdos who actually likes that episode, for lots of embarrassing, stupid reasons that don't really have a bearing on this ramble, but which are mostly centered around John saying "I never see this coming" and Rodney calling his assistant Baldric.)


Pegasus peoples must have very different ideas about property, don't you think? I do. That's the long and short of it.

From: [info]watersword
2008-04-26 08:34 pm (UTC)


Dude. Yes. And then, if you extend the idea of land property not being valuable, not being a precious commodity (although I have reservations about the idea; presumably land that no one cares about is cheap, so to speak,you just move in, but what about land that's been cultivated, even partially? I would guess there's some measure of competition over the land that the culled lived on), then what is? People are naturally competitive (I believe): what would Pegasus people compete over?

Plus, you get all the shiny possibilities that derive from this, and which you could fold into a critique of the Euro-centric canon; the society in "Harmony" FOR EXAMPLE. Not that "Harmony" pissed me off beyond belief, or anything.