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*vibrates in place*[4th.Nov.2008|08:25 am]

Election distraction, for those who've already voted and are quickly moving from "excited anticipation" to "over-anxious, nail-biting terror oh my god how is it only 8:30 a.m.???"

Click here and then click on the three links within the post.

And if you, like me, are trapped in a red state and looking anxiously at the outside world and hoping hoping hoping, you should check out the rest of Slog, a blog from a rabidly liberal alternative weekly newspaper in Seattle (home paper of Dan Savage, by the way). It's calming (because most folks there are feeling the same way as me) and supportive (because did I mention I live in a red state?) and good to read. Right now they're mostly posting letters from absentee voters around the world, and the worldwide support is just amazing and heartening.

Oh my god, I hope today goes by quickly. I wish I could pray.
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