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[23rd.Nov.2008|08:07 am]

1. My laptop is still in the Dead Zone; we're waiting until the start of December to buy a new hard drive for it. So I'm using Mr. Pi's computer, which means I have to wait my turn for it (wah!), which means I'm online a lot less.

2. SGA:
(a) I hope Jason Momoa really is okay, and has no really bad, lasting issues from the whole 140-stitches thing. Ouch! Poor Jason. *pets, sends healing vibes*
(b) Lots of people are hating on SGA lately, which makes me sad. I don't think this is the best season EVER or anything (S3, I miss you - call me!), but I don't think it's any worse than most of the others. I guess the fact that it's our last season makes it all seem fraught with importance and all, but damn. Don't be a hater!
(i) The HMS Jennifer/Rodney is actually pretty cute. Other than that whole "L-word" thing (writers! c'mon, seriously? it's TOO FUCKING EARLY to be tossing that word around *slaps*), I thought the freeze lightning episode was fun and silly and a romp, which many of my favorite episodes are. (If you can't get behind Loving The Bad, this is seriously not the show for you. Hello, does anyone remember The Tower??) Also: David Hewlett kissing people is intrinsically hot. What's not to love?
(ii) John and Ronon went surfing together! (And if you want to be shippy, you could say they had hot, repressed-longing mansex with each other. And maybe it made them feel better. If you can't be with the one you love, honey...)
(iii) I think it's okay to enjoy the Rodney/Jennifer while at the same time shipping John/Rodney. It's like any of a dozen blinders I've worn in other fandoms - Billy Boyd has a child with his sweetheart, but it doesn't stop me reading and loving Monaboyd. *shrug*

3. Have been eaten by Psych. May possibly survive with only annoying penchant for fist bumps and eighties references. OH WAIT. I already have those.
(a) Gus/Shawn is obvs the OTP for this show. I just watched "Crime of Fashion" and aww! Shawn was so SAD and LONELY and JEALOUS that Gus was off having fun with the models without him! Not to mention Gus's mad jealousy whenever Shawn is being all charming at, well, everything that moves, male OR female. Gus and Shawn are just so meant to be. They are bright shiny objects, for sure.
(b) Shawn/Lassiter has HUGE potential. Who's written it FUNNY, though? Damn, I need some funny Shawn/Lassie. (So far the few I've peeked at were pretty serious, which - I dunno. I'm not ready for that, right now.) Lassie has changed and grown so much since S1, when our mad affair began. Oh, my love for him is pure and true! Carlton, you are the OCDest. Call me - I need someone to organize my closet and maybe have annoyed, conflicted sex with me. I know I'm no Shawn, but we can have something anyway, just for funsies. You can keep your holster on the whole time! (In fact, I'd prefer it.)
(c) Shawn/Jules is HOT. The thing where he almost almost almost kissed her? And instead they stood there talking against each others' lips for, like, ETERNITY, both of them just sort of, y'know, breathing each other in? Guuuuuhhhhhhh. *slides down the wall to the floor* Also, I adore Jules. She is, indeed, an enigma wrapped in a little blonde riddle. She is unpredictable and kick-ass.
(d) Fic. I really hope Yuletide puts out in this respect. Also hope my writing mojo returns and I FINISH something. That would be nice.

4. The Pi-lettes are in a play at church today. Their Sunday school class has been studying Greek myths this fall, so it's a super-silly little thing that relates the Thanksgiving Horn of Plenty to the Greek origin myth. J is Hades (black robe, "Cap of Invisibility" that is approx. three feet high and made of bright red construction paper); G is Poseidon (pillowcase toga, trident made of broomstick-taped-to-cardboard-trident-shape; the trident shape is cardboard covered with aluminum foil. It's SUPER AWESOME). I'm personally reveling in the mega-cheesiness of it all. J (the older Pi-lette) looks like he might rebel if I add one more construction-paper wing to his Cap of Invisibility.
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