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Do Fish Sleep? [26th.Jan.2008|09:08 pm]
Cate wanted snuggling. ...And this came out instead. I got nothin'. Except sincere apologies. *ducks*

Do Fish Sleep? )
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Spoilery spoilers for your... spoilish... pleasures. [26th.Jan.2008|04:55 pm]
Commentaries on Quarantine (the second half) and Harmony. By Pi and Dove, aged... old enough to have naughty thoughts, young enough to be really immature. Quarantine first! )

And, Harmony. )
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Friday morning, why must you make me your bitch? [25th.Jan.2008|07:49 am]
You guys you guys. First of all, you are CHAMPION WRITING INSPRIRERS. Thank you so much for all the faboo SGA writing bunnies you piled onto my willing self. I've adopted one and I'm fostering several more for inclusion, as well, and THANK YOU. Iluguys. *hugs for everyone*

More predictably and unrelated (probably): I don't wanna go to work today. I would seriously consider using up a sick day and just lazing around the house (after I cleaned this bad boy, because the clutter has reached that place at which I would die if strangers showed up wanting to use my phone because their car broke down on the street outside and YES THAT IS HOW I DECIDE WHETHER THE HOUSE IS CLEAN ENOUGH OR NOT STOP JUDGING ME), watching and writing SGA all damn day, but of the happy trio that makes up Student Services at work, one will already be out, and I can't leave J there by herself, because... I'm nicer than that. *sigh* And PGC won't be at work to entertain us, so it will be a pretty quiet day unless J and I can think of ways to prank staffers who are absent. ...On the other hand, that's what the internet is for, no? Pranking research? *considers*

In completely unrelated news, I've signed up for Drawing I at the school. I had my first class Wednesday, and really liked it. The instructor seems like a sweetheart, and although our first assignment was very simple, it's Drawing I, and frankly, with a pencil and paper I can be entertained by the simplest of tasks, anyway. So yay! I get to doodle, and it's for a grade! I'm taking my SKETCH BOOK to WORK TODAY *is self-important and smug* so I can doodle while it's slow.

I think that's it. Except I would just like to say that, in last week's episode, there was a whole section of possibly Very Important Dialogue which I completely missed because I was ogling David Hewlett's fine, fine ass in those just-slightly-too-tight cargo pants as he had his back turned to the camera.

Photographic evidence behind (hahaha) the tag )

Mmmmmmmm. Very bitable. Don't you think?
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Prompt me? [22nd.Jan.2008|09:23 pm]
I desperately want to do some writing. SGA preferred, crossovers considered. The well is... kind of dry right now, and I am getting a little desperate, because I keep opening one or two or ten of the 50-odd WIPs I have going and looking at them and looking at them and nothing happens and Jesus, I just want to write.

So if there's something you think I should be writing - some scene, some situation, some AU - let me know? All ideas considered! Give me a first line or a last line, a string of adjectives, a silly situation - just. If you're not using it, and you want to share it? Please share. My own brain just isn't throwing off sparks lately, but I'll steal your fire, if you'll let me.
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Flipside. [22nd.Jan.2008|09:21 pm]
So... I'm going to be crossposting to LJ and IJ. And... if you have my IJ feed friended on LJ (crazy_pi), you might want to... unfriend it? Or I may have inadvertantly disabled the bloody thing the other day anyway, so it might not matter. But I just wanted to throw that out there.

See you here, there and everywhere.

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Two SGA icons [21st.Jan.2008|07:07 pm]
...which I've been meaning to post. And thank you to msilverstar for sharing the secret of creating shorter RSS feed tags - this seems like a good chance to see if I set that up the right way. :-)

Okay, the icons.


Annnnnd, that's all I got. Happy Martin Luther King, Jr, Day, y'all. Speaking of which:

Cut for a truly lame joke which - for once - was not mine. )
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Oh, awkwardcakes. [18th.Jan.2008|07:35 pm]
Thing the First:

FLIST, STOP MAKING ME NERVOUS ABOUT TONIGHT'S SGA. Okay guys FOR REAL, it's probably going to be horribly awkward and stuff And if you don't know what I'm talking about, don't click here! Spoiler speculation and spoilers for S3 & 4 of SGA. )

BUT! Flist, I would like you to remember (and I will do my best, too), that FANFIC WILL MAKE EVERYTHING BETTER.

I can't stand not to watch. But I may need some bracing (and scorching hot!) John/Rodney to read afterward. Prepare thyself, del.icio.us! I'm planning a sortie.

Thing the Second

Would you all think I was a big fat loser if I cross-posted things to IJ and LJ? (Um, not that I need anyone's validation or anything AHEM I AM A POWERFUL DECISIVE WOMAN RIGHT YES.) It's just - I still don't feel comfortable leaving my words in the hands of LJ, but I miss my flist over there lots! *sigh* I will probably start cross-posting, because I am a social creature and I miss that social circle. And now I ALSO have all you nice people over HERE, and I love you tooooooooo. *snuggles flists everywhere*

Anyway. Okay, I may need to to self-medicate with kahlua and cocoa in order to deal with tonight's FESTIVAL OF AWKWARD. Tonight's special buffet featuring AWKWARDCAKES and BLUNDERPIE.

(I really just wanted to say awkwardcakes and blunderpie. *hangs head*)
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Yay! Drugs! [11th.Jan.2008|06:08 pm]
Ahahaha you guys. This morning I woke up at 5:30 a.m. with PIERCING ICE-PICK PAINS in my left ear, and a headache, and a crummy-all-over feeling. So I went to the doctor's office (okay, I TRIED to go to the dr's office and was told "full up, go to the ER!") and the guy there said "Um, yeah - no ear infection, but have you been stressed lately?"

Him: Does this hurt? [sticks fingers in my ears, waggles my jaw back and forth]
Me: Um, a little? Like, it's tender.
Him: And you said you have a headache?
Me: Yep.
Him: Yeah. You've been clenching your jaw. Here are some muscle relaxants and here's some prescrip-strength ibuprofen. Stop doing that.
Me: Oh, boy! Drugs!

Last time I took this muscle relaxant (cyclobenzaprine, I think, if you're playing along at home), I fell asleep 20 minutes after swallowing it and woke up 14 hours later. For a gal who averages 5 to 7 hours of sleep a night, this is super-exciting news - I'm getting kind of anticipatory and hopeful, here. I'd take it right at 8 p.m., since that's when the kids go to bed, but I want to watch SGA. So at 9:30, cyclobenzaprine ahoy, and sweet SGA dreams to follow. Hurrah!
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[10th.Jan.2008|09:05 pm]
Today was the Craziest Day Of All (which all the other crazy days have been leading up to) and it went fine.

Of the bad: jaw hurts, voice worn out, neck aches, generally just pooped.

Of the good: have called fellow student services employees and declared tomorrow Pajamas Day in our office suite. \o/ (I can do that!)

Today is apparently More Joy Day? This is excellent. I wish you all joy, whole-hearted and happy. *hugs flist*

I think tomorrow should be More Joe Day. Several flisters seemed to be disappointed that that's not what TODAY was, having first mis-read their friends' posts, and we can't have that, my dears. So, More Joe Day tomorrow! I will try to post a wee picspam, perhaps. Because he is a very, very pretty man. (Particularly at the People's Choice Awards, with a beard, and a wee little bit of grey in the beard, and oh my. Yes indeed.)

See Joe in this icon? (See if you can stop looking at David for a minute. I know it's difficult. You can look back at him in a second.) That's how tired I am right now. (Okay, you can look at David again now.)

...And now I'm off to bed. There are good new fics to read while I lie there! *happy*
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Valentine's Card Exchange: with a fandom twist [5th.Jan.2008|04:20 pm]

Go sign up to send someone an in-character, fandom Valentine card! I, for instance, am really hoping to send someone a Valentine's Day card from Rodney McKay (PhD PhD PhD), because: OH MY GOD HOW AWESOME IS THAT IDEA? (Although sending one as Sheppard is just as tempting, frankly. And sending one as Ronon is HILARIOUS, assuming I can figure out how to convey a quiet grunt in written form, and conveying desire and romance.) So, go sign up. Be the Sheppard to my McKay. *bats lashes*
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TV rambling, best!houseguest!ever [4th.Jan.2008|07:35 pm]
So there's this trend I've noticed in pre-teen/teen television. A short ramble, in which I reveal that probably I've watched too much Nickelodeon with my kids. )

So how about that SGA 4x11 last night? I liked it, short version. Long version... will come later. *yawns* I have a Margie staying with me here (somehow she has managed to sleep through my children, who are evil evil evil and loud on Saturday mornings, arghhhh) and we stayed up till 12 watching SGA twice through and talking about stories and people and stuff. You guys, if you ever get a chance to have a Margie stay with you, TAKE IT, as she is the most relaxed houseguest ever - just so calm and funny and awesome. :-)
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You! Out of my internets. *scowl* [4th.Jan.2008|09:09 am]
Quick heads up: I smell a rat in Denmark on LJ.

[info]boyan_fraser has taken it upon himself (herself?) to plagiarize a former LJ user ([info]thamiris) who passed away last year. I'd say this wins the Internet Award for Most Pathetic, Grotesque Loser, but some people might consider that a challenge. Anyway, details are here, and as far as I'm concerned the whole of IJ, LJ and every other J should feel free to go over to his (her?) LJ and express their... feelings. As to what a dickhead this person is.
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[1st.Jan.2008|01:36 am]
MERRY HAPPY NEW YEAR'S, Flist. *hugs* Here's hoping 2008 brings us happiness, healthiness and wholeness, in every way. Yours, Pi.
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Mmmmmm. [29th.Dec.2007|07:32 pm]
[Tags|, , ]

I was flipping through screencaps of "Condemned," looking for good puddlejumper pics (as you do), but I kept getting distracted by bondage!Rodney, complete with leather collar and arm restraints (as you do). Guh.

(Can I post a pic here from an LJ scrapbook account? Let's find out. If it doesn't work, just imagine Rodney with a leather collar and arm restraints. See? That wasn't so hard.)

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*pleading hands* [26th.Dec.2007|08:30 pm]
[geography |sitting in my car stealing wireless]
[I feel |indescribable]
[I hear |Ob-la-di, Ob-la-da, Life Goes On]

The flip-off icon, by the way, is aimed at the last two to five days. Not at you guys. Because I love you guys.

Guys, it hasn't been a TERRIBLE Xmas, but it hasn't been the best, I have to say. I kind of got into it with my stepmom about how much crap she got the kids (I know, I know, but you seriously had to be there). We're okay now, but I feel both justified and also as though I kicked a puppy. HARD. In the HEAD. *slump* Then last night the older Pi-lette (seven years) had a massive asthma attack, so we spent from 11 p.m. to 2 a.m. in the emergency room, getting him a breathing treatment. (He was fine, but I may be scarred forever by sitting in the ER on Christmas night. It's the most miserable place on Earth! Tra la, tra la!) Also, the house I was trying to buy turned out to have structural problems! I KNOW! *boggled face* So long story short, I panicked and cried and panicked and freaked out, and it turns out it will be FINE, I can get all the earnest money back and get out of the contract and so on, but oh my god.

I have the worst emotional hangover ever. *slides to the floor*

ALSO (oh the litany of woe! I'm sorry but I totally HAVE TO GET THIS OUT), I can't read porn on the computer at my parents' house! And MY computer's power cord died, so I shelled out $70 to get a new one and have it delivered the day after Xmas and hey, by the way, did you know there are NO FUCKING APPLE STORES a decent distance from where I am? IT'S TRUE.

So now (this is the good news part, and also the *pleady hands* part), I have a computer cord and I am sitting in front of the locked coffee shop down the street, hijacking their wireless and Scrapbooking as many new McShep stories as I can. Does anyone have any recs? Seriously, anything with a happy ending. GOD. I need some escapism. Porn optional but welcomed. Rec me? Or maybe send 'em to me on del.icio.us? (http://del.icio.us/app1e_pi, if you're wondering.)

I sincerely, sincerely hope that everyone had better holidays or days off or just plain days than I had.
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We're off to see... leave...? the wizard. [20th.Dec.2007|09:24 pm]
[Tags|, ]

Tomorrow, we ride drive!

Tomorrow, I will load kidlets, kittylet and self into the car (already packed with suitcases presents cat litter cat food litter box snacks for kids and self backpack coats extra shoes skateboards) and drive 10 hours from Kansas to Texas. Why, WHY would I be so foolish? Well, Texas holds people I love, and even places, and we are going there for Christmas. There are sedatives for the cat (unfortunately none for the kids, but I do have movies to be watched on laptop), and the iPod is loaded and hooked up to the stereo. All systems are green for go, and holy cow, I hate doing this drive by myself. But we'll make it just fine. :-) Wish us luck, safety, and NO SPEEDING TICKETS THIS TIME. (I know, I know, you're saying to your computer right now: Pi, YOU control whether you get speeding tickets or not. Pi, YOU COULD JUST GO SLOW. But flist, I am just going to be honest: I won't. *sigh*)

Happy holidays! I'll be back online as soon as I can, my dears. See you on the flip side!
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What am I, Answer Man? [19th.Dec.2007|07:45 am]
[Tags|, ]

SGA Marathon on SciFi!

SGA 1x05 Suspicion, tuned into at 45 minutes past the hour )

DAMMIT. Why do I have to go to WORK? Why can't I have cable at work? Fuck work. I want to stay home and watch SGA all day. *sulks*
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Merry morning [18th.Dec.2007|07:48 am]

Just checked the mail and got three Christmas cards! And a check from my college! (Okay, it's a reimbursement check, not a bonus or anything, but still!)

Ruby, Berry, Pip - thank you so much for the beautiful cards and wishes. Happy holidays right back atcha. *group snuggles*
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Holiday cheer [16th.Dec.2007|06:56 am]
Haaaaaaaave ya met ________________? The Meme.

Speaking of which, the other day in my car, the following exchange took place:

Radio: *presents warbly '60s version of "The First Noel"*
Pi: *sings along, getting into it and being all soprano-y and vibrato-full*
Little Pi-lette: "BARNEY was the king of Israel?"
Pi: *dies* "BORN THE, honey. BORN THE king of Israel."
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Whew. [15th.Dec.2007|09:07 pm]
Hotel Pi is officially closed. My last refugee houseguest has gone home, and although I was happy to have all my guests (not at the same time, but: two women, three dogs, two cats), I am also very happy to have the house empty of anyone except me, the boys and Zed the Kitty (Destroyer of Worlds).

My most recent roomie brought me cookies as a thank-you present. I think I shall eat some. \o/

ETA Two Things: First, mucho mucho thanks to the person who nominated two of my fics for the Men of Middle Earth awards. I am always sort of at a loss to express how flattered and pleased I am when someone not only enjoys my story, but enjoys it enough to go to the trouble of nominating it for an award. The nomination lists should be out soon, and there are not only new fics awarded, but also a list of Classic Fic nominations, so: Lots of great reading of both old and new stories. So hurrah, and thank you so much, again!

Second, [info]telesilla is thinking about starting an IJ Porn Battle, and wants your input! Go vote in her poll (and make sure to tell her that YES, WE WANT PORN!).
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